2016 Edition





Day 1 – 03/07/2016 : Prologue 


In the heart of the fortified town of Briançon began the prologue of the inaugural Alps Epic. A tough course packing 400m elevation into just 12km, it offered the racers a taste of what was to come. Climbing mostly on wider tracks followed by a steep and technical descent around seemingly endless switchbacks back into the parc de Schappe. The racers were all amped and the pecking order was already visible for the week.

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Day 2 – 04/07/2016 : Stage 1 Chantemerle – Briançon


A ceremonial start in the heart of Briançon took the racers towards the village of Chantemerle. The real stage then started off towards the col du Lauteret, covering 64km and 2200m of vertical ascent. A tough first stage that gave all the racers’ bodies a thorough shake down.

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Day 3 – 05/07/2016 : Stage 2 Briançon – Mont Dauphin


The most epic stage of the Alps Epic ran from Briançon to Montdauphin, via the legendary col de l’Izoard and the chalets de Furfande. 72km and 3300m of ascent awaited the racers. Even the stunning scenery and incredible descents couldn’t stop the fatigue that crept into the racers’ bodies as the kilometres ticked by. At the finish line clenched teeth gave way to wry smiles of satisfaction and pride in the achievement of conquering such a mammoth stage.

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Day 4 – 06/07/2016 : Stage 3 MontDauphin – Embrun


A shorter stage (52km and 2000m ascent) was welcomed by racers as they took it steady and tried to recover from the previous day. The shorter stage still packed a punch on the climbs, but any suffering was forgotten by the end of the final, mind-blowing descent to the shores of the lac de Serre-Ponçon and the swimming lake of Embrun. It was a dream stage finish with a scene so grandiose it would have merited a tour de France stage finish.

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Day 5 – 07/07/2016 : Stage 4 Embrun – Ancelle


This penultimate stage promised to be more rolling on paper but with a finish significantly higher than the stage start it was always going to punch above its weight. The ever-changing vistas over the lac de Serre-Ponçon lifted spirits and the quality of the trails brought smiles to everyone’s faces. The stage finish in the small village of Ancelle was particularly enjoyed for its cool fountain allowing hot and tired racers to cool off and relax. The open air screening of the Euro 2016 football match in the village square that evening also allowed leading pair Remi Laffont and Steffen Thum to settle the bets they had placed before setting off!

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Day 6 – 08/07/2016 : Stage 5 Ancelle – Gap


A true classic to finish the inaugural Alps Epic, with a beautiful route through the Champsaur to finish in splendour in the very centre of Gap. On the finish line we saw smiles, laughs and tears of joy. The finishing meal and prize giving topped the whole event off in great style. All we can do is thank all of you for being part of the birth of a legend in the world of mountain bike racing. Thanks again and see you next year!

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|The Race Route

The inaugural 2016 edition will be based around the northern part of the Grande Traversée des Hautes-Alpes, with singletrack sorties into the surrounding trails. The route will explore the fortified citiadels of Briançon and Montdauphin, the glaciers of the massif de la Meije and la Grave, the passes and alpine meadows of the Queyras, the lac de Serre-Ponçon near Embrun, Champsaur area and  finish in Gap City. (Route plan is provisional and liable to change).

Sunday July 3rd, afternoon :
Urban prologue around the heart of the walled ‘cité Vauban’ in Briançon.

Monday July 4th : Briançon > Briançon – 64km / +2100 / -2150 :
Ceremonial race start, acting as a warm-up then the real deal at Serre-Chevalier Vallée. Steady climb to the Col de Lauteret before returning via sinuous balcony trails with stunning views onto the glaciers of La Grave-La Meije. Final stunning descent into Briançon.
Have a look on the final track !!


Tuesday July 5th : Briançon > Montdauphin – 71,2km / +3222 / -3420 :
Ceremonial start from the forts above Briançon before starting for real up the long climb to the mythical Col d’izzard at 2360m. Tame the twisting high-alpine single track of the Queyras and plunge down to finish in the fort of Montdauphin, another Vauban site!
Have a look on the final track !!


Wednesday July 6th : Montdauphin > Embrun – 51,2 km / +2038 / -2142 :
Alternating rolling sections and balcony trails along the singletrack-strewn banks of the river Durance, with a final descent to the lac de Serre-Ponçon. de Serre-Ponçon.
Have a look on the final track !!


Thursday July 7th – Embrun > Ancelle : 62,4km / +2580 / -2019
Discover Réallon valley and follow over the Lac de Serre-Ponçon before Champsaur area. Overnight stop with small french village ambiant in Ancelle.
Have a look on the final track !!


Friday July 8th, 2016 – Ancelle > Gap : 67,9 km / +1766 / -2372

You will ride and enjoy different kind of trails in Champsaur area before last single-track downhill to enter in Gap city. Drink, food and Live music to enjoy last night together. Overnight stop: Gap.
Have a look on the final track !!


Saturday July 9th, 2016:
The end of the adventure. Return shuttle for drivers to Briançon.