Alps Epic V8 Luggage


The large travel bag TRP + BPK of a total volume of 102 liters is a carrying bag 2 in 1, designed to travel in all conditions.

its back carrying comfort with real straps make it unique and its annex bag BPK 12.1 (12 liters), which binds to the TRP bag 90.1 (90 liters.

This travel bag is available in black or navy blue Version with black carrying handles.

The TRP 90.1 is an improved version of the military transport bag ( bag used by Troops Aero Litters – TAP) : he kept the design simple and resistance. Well done to afford to travel in all conditions, it is distinguished by its carrying comfort back, with real padded shoulder straps and its annex bag, the BPK 12.1 that attaches to the bag or can be worn separately.

Bag attributes TRP 90.1:

• Carry handles for hand or over the shoulder

• Removable straps and belt to carry a backpack, stored in a zippered pocket in the bag.

• Carry handles elastomer on each side of the bag for better grip.

• Main pocket with double opening zip.

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Poids 1,95 kg
Dimensions 77 × 42 × 55 cm